Advisory Council

Frank Ruiz


Frank is currently the Salton Sea Program Director for Audubon California who advocates for a healthier and sustainable Salton Sea in partnerships with local communities and various other entities from all sectors. He directs a program that includes four elements such as policy, science, education and community enfranchisement.  In addition, Frank currently serves as a commissioner for the Valley Lithium Commission and former member of the community forum of the International Boundary and Water Commission for the Colorado River. Before joining Audubon, Frank co-founded “Por La Creacion: A faith-based alliance”, an organization that seeks to educate and empower the Latino communities in areas of environmental advocacy, protection of public lands, and public policy.  He worked tirelessly in favor of the establishment of the recently designated monuments in the California Desert. Frank inherently understands the balance between economic progress and conservation efforts.

In addition, Frank has been a mental health professional for over 10 years and has served as clergy, police, and hospital chaplain for over 15 years, and advisor to many public and private entities. He enjoys hiking, camping, and playing golf along with his two kids and wife.

Por La Creación Faith-Based Alliance
is an initiative of Hispanic 
Access Foundation.

P: (202) 640-4342