Advisory Council

Linda Sosa


I have spent thirty-one years in full-time service at Iglesia San Cayetano in Denver, Colorado, the oldest and largest Catholic congregation in the city, serving immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America. My role was to lead the education ministries for youth and families. Our community has many needs and in order to meet those needs, I developed strategic partnerships with local health and human service organizations, family and immigration law services, government officials, and the Spanish media. In my role I also developed strategic partnerships with state and national organizations to leverage resources and bring educational programs of social and cultural importance to my community. More recently, I have earned teaching certifications and have worked as a childcare and pre-school educator for Catholic Charities in homeless families ministries. I love to learn and to serve those in need. My heart is for children and youth as they are the light of my path in my walk with Jesus.


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