Advisory Council

Moses Borjas


Pastor Moses Borjas has for 23 years of ministry devoted to helping people discover the heart of God's Word. Served for 12 years as a Senior Pastor in Juarez, Mexico and for 20 years in El Paso TX. Has founded churches in New Mexico and Chihuahua MX. Has been married for 26 years to Lily and have 4 children. Celeste, Melody, Keren, and Moses J.Served as President of the Hispanic Evangelical Ministerial Alliance for 5 years.

Our care of creation is a highly relevant component of our spiritual lives. Getting involved with HIspanic Access Foundationhas given us the opportunity to bring to our communities awareness of how to be better stewards of our environment and our natural resources .
Air quality is a very important topic in our city of El Paso. So we working on improving our air quality by making our communities aware of our stewardship roles using effective ways to bring solutions in improving the quality of our air . Many of our children are taking big breaths of toxic air that is irritating their lungs , I say , it’s time to make a difference.

Por La Creación Faith-Based Alliance
is an initiative of Hispanic 
Access Foundation.

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