About Por La Creación

Por la Creación Faith-based Alliance's mission is to develop stewards of God’s creation by educating and engaging this generation to leave a legacy for the future. This group seeks to educate Hispanics and to encourage active engagement in supporting the nation’s public lands and protecting our natural resources.

Pastors bring common-sense and spiritual guidance to the national discussion about the value of our parks and public lands, and other environmental issues affecting Latinos. This leadership is instrumental in spurring change that preserves our natural treasures for future generations — bringing balance and fairness to how our nation views conservation in relation to energy development.

The Alliance seeks to encourage more religious leaders to speak up for conservation, especially in communities that are on the front lines of energy development. The founders of the Alliance will engage their own communities in these issues.

We need energy development for our nation’s energy independence, but we also need to protect wildlife and other aspects of God’s creation in our public lands. We can do both.